Novo Medical Services focuses on the treatment of various health and social issues. We are specializing in treating depression, anxiety, chronic and acute pain arising from injury (sport, work-related, motor vehicle accident, slip-and-fall, etc.) and medical conditions. 

For Novo Medical Services, patient care has always been paramount, with no allowance for compromise. We serve patients from all over the GTA, including Toronto, Oakville, Newmarket, Aurora, Thornhill, Vaughan, Scarborough, Markham, Brampton, North York, and Mississauga, and from all over the rest of Ontario, including Kitchener, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington. 


Our Mission: To care for our patients and their families and enable them by providing comprehensive personalized treatment plans. 

Our Values: Respect, accountability, collaboration, and excellence.

Our Mission: To provide and improve quality of care, whilst delivering enhanced productivity and improved services.


Novo Medical Services is dedicated to excellence in research and education. We collaborate with Prima Centre for Mental Health and Wellness who is affiliated with Wilfrid Laurier University, and Toronto School of Theology of the University of Toronto to train the next generation of psychotherapists and social workers. Click To Learn More

Novo Medical also donated to various projects in the community, including One Love Gala, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Sick Kids, and different community organizations. 

Assessments & Treatments

Psychological Assessments

The purpose of Psychological Assessment is to gather information about the client’s current emotional, psychological and mental health in order to diagnose any psychological complains and disorders caused or increased by the motor vehicle accident.

Medical Legal Assessment

The purpose of Medical/Legal assessment is to validate an individual’s case by attaching medical evidence. It includes a professional opinion and expertise on the clients sustained injuries.

Neuropsychological Assessment

The purpose of a neurological assessment is an evaluation of a person’s nervous system that can be done in the healthcare provider’s office. It usually does not cause any pain to the patient.

Psycho-educational Assessment

A psychoeducational assessment will diagnose a client’s learning or behavioral challenges, identify if a learning disability is present, and provide clear recommendations on using their strengths to improve their academic performance.

Refuge Claimants and Refugees

We conduct biopsychosocial assessments to document the mental, emotional, social, and psychological trauma the refugees and refugee claimants have experienced due to persecution back home and as part of their request for expedited processing. The assessments focus on the environmental, medical, social and psychological factors that affect their well-being.

Catastrophic Impairment Assessment

The purpose of Catastrophic Impairment Assessment is to determine the severity of a person’s injuries after the motor vehicle accident.

Welcome To Novo Medical

The management team and staff, along with dedicated doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and many others who have a long and successful track record in their fields provide excellent service to our clients. Our health care team are certified American Board of Forensic Professionals for the AMA Guides to Impairment Rating.

Additional Services

Transportation Services

NovoMedical is proud to provide its clients with a transportation service to and from appointments to make their experience at the clinic as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Translation Services

Given the diversity of our province, it is crucial to have the tools in place to ensure that all communication is received as intended. As a top healthcare provider, NovoMedical provides translation services to its client base, ensuring a consistently high level of service with each client.

Quality Assurance Department

Our quality assurance program serves to safeguard against any shortcomings in our process and ensures that our reporting falls in line with the our goal of achieving excellence.

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